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Thread: v800 - phoco stange behaviour

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    v800 - phoco stange behaviour

    Hi, i've just restarted playing around with Phone Control, after a couple of mounth, since i've bought a SE V800 (in replacement of my V600 moto) in order to be able to use two simultaneous BT connection. I use the last version of PhoCo and widcom 4.x drivers. The problem is:

    I setup PhoCo in order to let it control the headset (HS on on startup) and i can control the phone (send/receive SMS, call anyone) and see all status icon (battery, signal etc.) but ... I hear sound from PC speakers only when i receive an incoming call or when i place a call using my phone keyboard. When i place a call commending the phone from within PhoCo the sound remains into the phone and it isn't transferred to the PC.

    Please, i tried almost everything but couldn't figure out wich could be the cause. Can anyone help me?

    Thanx alot.

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    I've got the same problem with my Z800i

    Can't get the headset function working well after day's of trying
    please help us

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