Just discovered that there are some issues installing my Nokia 6230 v5.50.

Before I had problems connecting to Bluetooth etc...

I did this to get it to work.

Open your BT settings in Windows. (think im using Widcomm) (D-Link BT USB)

Make sute that you have uncheckececk the Nokia PC Suite Connection ans you should have COM 1 Marked.

So don NOT use Nokia PC Suite Connection. (serial).
USE COM 1 (but mine is actually on COM 4)
You can use OBEX and Audio Gateway.

Now you need to make sute that Nokia PC sute Connection hasnt been enabeled again in settings. If its ok continue.

Do dont know if it does matter but i start the COM1 connection before i run the PhoneControl Test program. Now it should work.

I hope.. ;-)