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Thread: Treo 700W

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    Treo 700W

    Hello all-

    Any progress with the Treo 700w phone yet? i know it has the updated bt 1.2 stack. I have just upgraded from my 650 to this phone, but it doesnt detect from phoco.

    Any help is appreciated.



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    I actually had the exact same problem. Here is how it is solved:

    Make sure you have the updated WM5 adapter http:/

    Then use the only Verizon phone profile available and you should be all set.

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    Did this work?

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    I've got an 8125 running WM5 and was having trouble too.

    The upgrades linked are critical, but in my case weren't enough. I had a BT com port (com6) set up on the device, and phocoadapter was trying to create a com8 and failing (indicated by log). If i didn't set up com6 manually, it wouldn't create any port at all.

    I finally just edited the phocoadapter key in the registry to direct it to the existing com6 port, and it's worked well ever since.

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