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Thread: Razr & D-link

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    Razr & D-link

    Hello to all

    I've installed the new D-link DBT-122 bluetooth software (ver.4.01) and connected audio gateway and headset with my mobile Razr.
    When somebody call me to my mobile phone:
    1---I dont' see who's calling me
    2---The person on the other line hear me and an eco of his voice

    I can't make a call from Phonecontrol or sms sent.
    I see my phonebook and all the numbers but don't dial manual or from my phone book.

    I use 1.5 (i've installed the 1.7 same problem).
    Can somebody please can help me?i'm sure i'm near the solution, but need a tip from somebody that had a problem of this and solution.

    Thanks, and sorry for the long post


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    Can anybody confirm thats this dongle DBT-122 is compatible or not with phonecontrol?

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    Moved to the phonecontrol subforum.

    Y'all really need to pay attention to where you're posting...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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