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Thread: Unable to use handsfree with phoco

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    Unable to use handsfree with phoco

    Hi. Im using phoco with a blue tooth adapter to connect my car pc to my phone. I can read phonebook see incoming calls messages etc fine. However i was under the impression you could talk and hear the voice via your pcs speakers and mic and i cant. Is there something ive missed. Do you need to configure this somewhere?

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    what phone do you have?
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    i have the same problem and i have a SE z520a, which is supposed to work
    via epia sp13000 mobo
    512mb ddr ultra slim ram
    100 gig hdd
    mp3car in-dash TS
    much more to come!

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    What bluetooth drivers are you using
    If you're not using widdcomm you can pretty much forget about it

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