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Thread: Headset configuration question

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    Headset configuration question

    OK, I got Phonecontrol 1.7 (Via Centrafuse) working with my Sprint Razr V3M configured as a V3C. During the setup I am given three options about controlling the headset. Can you explain them more in detail for me.
    Does my headset have to be paired with my phone or my car pc for it to work? It seems that my phone only lets me pair with one device, or does Phonecontrol hand it off to the phone once the call starts.
    I downloaded and read the manual but it is for version 1.4 and does not mention this feature.
    So far I'm very happy with 1.7 since its the first version I'm able to actually use.
    Thanks Zorro and keep up the good work.


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    I use the option that turns on phone control when I start CF. It's been working well enough for me so far.

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