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Thread: More than one phone with PhoCo

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    More than one phone with PhoCo


    I'm testing PhoCo to my company with the evaluation version, in order to see if it is suitable for our needs, and I wonder if it is possible to control more than one mobile phone with PhoCo, in one of the following possible scenarios:

    - One instance of PhoCo which takes the control of one mobile phone or other depending on the phone which is detectable during the starting process of PhoCo.

    - One instance of PhoCo controlling many different mobile phones at the same time.

    - Many instances of PhoCo running on the same PC, each instance controlling one mobile phone and each instance accesible by remote control at a different port.

    I have tried to achieve the first scenario defining a second profile tag with a different id, but it doesn't work.

    Could anybody helps me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    ok i really laughed with this post... don't mean to be sarcastic.. but a lot of people are having problems connecting 1 phone to phoco...and u want to connect more..
    don't get me wrong, phoco is nice, there is no other solution in the market ATM..

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