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Thread: Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauri View Post
    Promises in the future for one software "stand alone" with this hardware or only plugin for existing frontend ?
    With "stand alone" option more public could use the hardware...
    Standalone is not a problem, it would be just basic sw showing how it works. As above E would probably make it all look pretty and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    If needed I can always code the plugins (or add support for my existing versions) for RR and CF and do standalone exe, just need to be able to query the chip for the raw data (nad know what it actually means of course).
    Nice one E.

    Having played with it last night, it seems that the microchip new HID USB stack is not compatible with robby's old software. It works fine on CF and not on RR, Driveline or TPMS doctor. So yeah it look like fresh plugin is needed for this.

    If this is the case, it is probably best to change the message format it sends out to the PC. For each sensor it would be something like


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    I would probably just icorporate it into the RRTPMS that I have done.

    Currently the communication is done in a saparate .bas file, so have a different one for different type of sensors is not an issue.

    Would just have a setting where user can select which version they have.

    And because my plugins have a worker DLL which does most of the work, the FE plugins are basically wrappers to them. (Makes porting from one FE to another easier ;-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibf View Post
    Yup its generic, it is actually based on the silicon labs chip. Configuration is via SPI and you set the centre frequency, bandwidth, expected baudrate, gain, etc etc. You do this each time you bootup the receiver.
    Yup I looked over the docs briefly and it pretty much said that. I can run the Propeller from the same Crystal as it is designed to run. Could potentially use it to look for more than one system since you can define the frequencies and such onboard. I am guessing there is some reboot and settling time to get good results but looks like a nice little board. They have a receiver too so you could use it to communicate with other boards too. So you could make a wireless backup sensor or something similar.

    I am envisioning a system where you could use this receiver to look for TPMS sensors once a minute and switch frequencies to look for other stuff at other times. But could be controlled easily enough.

    And yes an all in one solution would be nice. A board built on that receiver and a parallax could likely be done for $100 for TPMS, Backup sensors etc.. But to do them would require a large first order to make it reasonable. I will play around with some dev boards I have to see how much I can get to work.


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