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Thread: Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by richyrich View Post
    There are a few places in europe that do the kit yes. Im waiting for a supplier for China to get back to me with there finished product, apparently out end of this month.
    Any further word on this?

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    This paper might be useful for your project


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    In the Game

    I am almost in the game using the excellant work of Robby BMW who created this thread.

    Along with the work of the two forum members who have added greatly to the project. First _Dejan_ and juve021 offer boards, also juve021 who contacted the vendor of the 3rd Eye TPMS system and procurred a 10% discount. It's not that much but it is something.

    Just an observation carcomputing is not necessarily cheap, but it is useful to remember "that whoever dies with the most toys wins".

    Progress todate:

    Using juve021's 10% I have ordered the TPMS form vivaperformance $237. and change.

    From _Dejan_ (on the other side of the world, I am in Maryland) I ordered the board with PIC with shipping 79.00 USD (53.00 EU). And shout out to _Dejan_ for rushing from work to Post Office to get this out today. We used PayPal.

    See these links and contact them for support.

    Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

    Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

    Ordered from vivaperformance Wednesday night, should arrive Monday.

    My car shop, Jr's in Laurel, MD has quoted me 15.00 USD / wheel which would consist of unmount wheel, remove tires, install sensors, reinstall tires on rims, check for leaks, balance and remount on car.

    So another 60.00 USD. So total will be 237 + 79 + 60 = 376.

    I am handy with the electronics, so finishing it on this end should be a breeze, probably not likely to get this completed before new year as my car guy is closing up for the holidays on the last week of the year.

    Is it worth it, depends my 1997 VW Passat, original owner, totally revamped, all new electronics, is riding on Toyo Proxes4 and DeCorses rims, keeping them properly inflated will extend their useful life. Also keeps the gas mileage up, properly inflated tires really do contribute to fuel efficiency.

    See my VW:

    For me though this has been an ultra cool project and the TPMS just adds to it.

    Next step, tie in ODBC USING VAG-COM, also USB-UIRT to control the headunit.

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    Mr McBean Have you gotten a response from your guy in Taiwan?
    To expensive at Euro 180

    Will prolly get this kit from juve's contact...
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    And just to let everyone know, the coupon code I originally sent to alot of you is still valid! If you don't have it yet, email me or pm me and I'll send it over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by juve021 View Post
    And just to let everyone know, the coupon code I originally sent to alot of you is still valid! If you don't have it yet, email me or pm me and I'll send it over!
    Yes it is! I just checked last night =] Now that I got paid, I may order it finally. There are other car parts on the list too though, along with the infamous credit card payment =p

    I just ordered a board and case from dejan. Thanks man! Almost got everythign needed for the TPMS setup..

    Im going to look in to modifying the software and adding an inflation alert, so that once the tire reaches a specified pressure, it will beep and you can stop adding air
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    Quote Originally Posted by inh View Post
    it will beep and you can stop adding air

    dont think the sensors send data at that speed, you would need say 2 times a second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LYHTSPD View Post
    Any further word on this?
    I have heard back from them yes... 100 Dollars per unit (so a full kit!) although i have to order a minimum of 200 which is a bit of a pain... Trying to sort out some cash for this!

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    Sounds good, Count me in
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    Well done.... looks great Robby - I bet there are a few PMs from suppliers in your box - and well deserved too.


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