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Thread: Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sal R. View Post
    Yeah, I have the 2nd gen w/ the remote display. I've pm'ed the guy, but from the looks of it, he hasn't posted since 06.

    Even if he divulged this info, still way over my head in terms of putting it together.
    Well, as far as hardware hacking, serial is pretty easy. Anyway, if and when I get one, you know I'll be posting the info here.

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    Well i tried to start a seperate thread in relation to this one to gauge interest in these units but it was removed as group buys are not allowed.

    Soo i will ask in here! ; )

    Just to get a figure of numbers who would be interested in one of these system's?? I have contacts with manufacturers and obviously the more you order the more the price drops. Modding the units shouldnt be too much time/money so if i got say 100 units they could be modded and then we all save on the costs. But then again that could be classed as a group buy which might lead to an infraction from MP3 moderators.

    The other option i have spoke with ROBBY about is developing a "standalone" unit that can be used by anyone as long as they purchase the sensors themselves (though again if interest is good on this then a complete unit could and will be possible)

    I have also put myself forward as a candidate in helping develop a full working unit rather than a hacked up unit but thats for you to decide ROBBY!

    Just my 2p's worth mind

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    Bear in mind that the above post is not intended as a "group buy" im just asking questions and wanting feedback!

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    I'd be in for any option, really!

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    Awesome work. I definately want one of these.
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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    Subscribed to this one for sure!
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    I would be very interested in either a "kit" for hack and slash, or a custom unit.

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    same here


    Dj NRG

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    +1 for custom unit. Also interested in software development for an API.

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    Me too!!!

    Put my name down, I'm very interested, if either a kit or similar were to be available.

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