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Thread: Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

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    Little bit more information.....

    I have contacted a few companies in Thailand and China, and price wise put it this way...a lot cheaper than what people have found (under $110) for a complete kit including the sensors.

    A couple of points i need to add here..... Sensor wise there are two main types. Ones that are mounted inside the rim of the wheel (inside the tyre) and are held in place via the valve and a fixing, so it is hidden.

    2nd sensors seem to be similar to valve caps only bigger and are attached on the outside to the valve stem of the car.

    So you could have 2 options there although i personally would recommend ones that go inside the tyre for security and asthetics.

    Next is the frequency these units run on.

    Over here in europe we have the 433.92Mhz band range and you guys in america use the 315Mhz band.

    I dont forsee there being a problem only difference is the band the sensors transmit on. I might be biting the bullet and getting 1 of each band and "hacking" them up and see how things go.

    I shall let you know of any further developments.

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    I think to pick a different kit, then ALL the development & time that robby has spent on his setup would have to be redone. one of the appealing things about going with the same kit is that all the work has already been done for that setup, & if robby was to share it, then great, done deal.

    now, if someone wanted to get a different kit that was cheaper or easier to source, then develop that the same way robby did on his, I'm sure they'd have a hit on there hands, no doubt.

    nick, are you listening? I think I've mentioned tpms to you for the fusion brain in the past, if you were to take something like this on & integrate it I think there'd be many guys that would buy the brain just for this even... I know that may be a bit beyond the scope of your initial ideas for your project, but there is definatley a market for this...

    another thing to keep in mind is, the kit is only going to be as good as the quality of the sensors/transmitters, so the cheapest kit will not likely be the best kit... I think the kit robby got is a nice quality kit...

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    Yes i agree with what you have said above. Robbys little usb device should be generic though in that all the receiver outputs are the same so robbys development will not have gone to waste. Also robbys kit is very hard to come buy as with anything the manufacturers change there designs and asthetics every so often.

    In reference to the kit there isnt very much difference to each receiver unit from what i can gather from speaking to the manufacturers and looking th there specs. Infact the one robby got seems to be a simple TPM unit. I shall show you some photo's of units i have found tomorrow (its 12am over here atm!)

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    I'd be interested in buying one or two myself.
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    count me in for one

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    one for me, please

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    id def get one
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    I'd get one.
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    I'd be interested in buying one good quality, "internal type", cheap sensor...

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    Count me in for one or two, awesome job! The talent on this board is incredible, bonus points for Italians.

    I had one of the earlier setups with the worm-gear metal straps and sensor/counterweight and it had an in-cabin display. It worked pretty good, but it was a ***** to keep the tires balanced. So my 2 cents is rule those out for sure, and go with the sensors that go on the valves. The valve cap style sensors can be stolen more easliy too.


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