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Thread: Custom USB tyre pressure monitoring interface

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    That is some amazing work Robby!

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    Im on the band wagon with this as well..
    This is one of the cooler developements that have come out of this website in a while.
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    I bet the people will be following this thread closely. Seems like another cool product to add to the store...
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    can someone from the store confirm. and keep this open source or open platform please
    i dont want the streedeck crew monopolize this i doubt robby would sell out tho.
    can someone in the mp3car store crew keep us posted on whether you are in the works of getting hardware?
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    I'm sure there can always be a open source project like this, but if the store would want to sell somehting similar, I sure that poeple would by it because they don't have to make it and it will have a warranty.
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    is it possible to have the option of different style wheel sensors? I ask this because I run Beadlocks, and they require a very specific valve stem, so i cannot use most of the stem style sensors. For those of you that are not familiar with beadlocks, i'll explain; The inner bead seats on the wheel like normal, but the outer bead actually sits on a lip on the OUTSIDE of the wheel. then there is a lock ring that is bolted on with (in my case) 24 bolts. the tire is clamped between the wheel and lockring. These wheels are used primarily for offroad.

    Anyway these require a special valve stem to clear the lockring. my only option for sensores would be the style that clamp on to the wheel with the counter weight.

    Progress: Installed and working. Needs some cleanup and trim work done. now for complete integration.
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    The guy that sells the TPMS that Robby is using, is selling it on eBay for 199 euro OR BEST
    OFFER; I am sure that if he has 20 to 30 customers from mp3car forum, he would be interested in give a good price;

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    I'm in for two!!
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    Very nice and great job.
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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