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Thread: Win A USB TPMS Kit!!

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    - yes we are getting back up to speed - but Stephen knows that he owes you some info and will be in touch - that is great that you are offering one!
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    Hey Lok,

    I sent you a PM regarding this. I look forward to hearing from you.


    It was nice to meet many of you at the meet and see the amazing work you're all doing with your cars!

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    Shaun Newman (Sonicextacy02) is officially the winner of this contest his RSX has the most peripherals with 15 usb ports:

    4 on the computer
    P5 hub
    7 port hub
    verizon card
    Andrea mic
    MS camera
    fusion brain
    bluetooth adapter
    lilliput monitor
    space navigator
    usb IRT
    WIFI adapter
    Slim DVD burner
    GPS receiver

    Congratulations and great job!

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