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Thread: Hooking up to an accessory battery

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    Hooking up to an accessory battery

    I have a mini-itx car pc, currently with the auto regulated on/off etc..bells and whistles.

    I am currently running a dual battery setup on my vehicle for the below reasons:
    A. I have a high power draw from my extra electric fan kit, and my high output stereo.
    B. I need to have the car-pc on for extended periods of time while having my truck off.

    My question is, what power supply should I be using to power straight to a DC battery? I do not want the auto on/off stuff with the power supply and that's all i seem to be able to find. Maybe i'm not searching in the right areas on here?!?!?!

    Thanks for your help,


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    Get one of the ones you're finding (OPUS, M2-ATX, etc), and just don't use the auto-power options. Or hell, use the auto-power options with a seperate switch that you can turn on and off when needed.

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    You could also look into one of the KeyPower or comparable units that don't have the SSDC built into it. However, the KPI units aren't as efficient as the all-inclusive offerings.
    Considerin the cost of the KPI units, you'd be better off buying an all-inclusive unit and not using the SSDC functionality. You can always make use of that in the future if you so choose.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Hmm...sounds like that will work...if i just hook up what i have currently straight to power with a toggle switch on it! why didn't i think about doing that?

    thanks guys! Hopefully i get all this done this week...granted it doesn't rain all day monday like it's supposed to.

    Thanks again


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