Ok I'm confused, well I'm not that would be identity theft, but you get the idea...

I have a m1-atx, I have a MB - cpu - ram - gfx card and HD , I connect it up and watch windows boot etc, alls fine.

I decide to see whats going on regards power, so its sat at windows desktop drawing 3 amps, if I hammer the thing with mp3/divx gets upto 4.5 or 5 amps.

Now the specs say maximum is 50 watts, and 5 amps * 12v = 60 watts, am I going to run into trouble.....

As the volts dropped on the battery (12v 17ah) the ampage went up, that was to be expected, but when it started peaking at 6 amps I bottled it and switched it all off.

The psu had no hot spots, but was generally warm around the expected areas, not warm warm, but a little above body heat in a warm spot like under the arms etc.

SO, according to the meter I could be in trouble, but the 'heat' to me suggests its all ok and may go a little more allowing me to add say a wifi dongle?

Your views anyone ?

(Everthing else is going to be run from its own PSU etc)