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Thread: For the lazyboy or novice...

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    What about this power supply?


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    They also have cases that are built for the car!

    OPUS Solutions Mobile-PC is designed specifically for ATX motherboards to be used in an automotive
    environment. This Product brings a new dimension to your PC’s mobility. Just get in your vehicle and
    start the engine; your PC is ready to go. When you switch off the ignition the PC can go into shut
    down, standby or hibernate modes automatically, no switch to fiddle or fuss.
    The Mobile-PC can accommodate a full ATX motherboard. The Mobile-PC can enjoy a wide selection of
    hardware and software that are available for a PC platform. Thus, the Mobil-PC is an ideal choice for a
    fully expandable computer at a reasonable system cost. The system can be upgraded, when required,
    without loosing all the initial investment, unlike laptops.
    The Mobile-PC is constructed with a heavy gauge aluminum sheet metal. The case is ruggedly built to
    with stand the shock and vibration that are encountered in a tough mobile environment. The case is
    designed with easy accessibility to I/Os, cables and CD/ DVD ROM Drive or removable Hard Drive.
    The I/O connectors and cables are covered to protect it from accidental damage. The Mobile-PC has a
    security lock to prevent unauthorized access inside the unit. The hard drive is protected from shock
    and vibration by a specially designed isolation mount. A daughter card retain bracket is designed in
    to prevent Cards from sliding out during shock and vibration.
    The Mobile-PCs DC-DC Power supply has a micro-controller that controls and monitors various
    functions of the power supply operation. It monitors automobile battery voltage to protect against deep
    discharge. The Ignition lead is monitored to start the Mobile-PC when the ignition is turned on and to
    implement a safe shutdown procedure. It controls and monitors motherboard signals to provide
    smooth power-up and power down sequences. In addition, it also responds to shut down, stand-by
    and hibernate modes. The power supply can be programmed to shut down the PC after a delay of up
    to one hour. The power supply outputs are monitored to assure proper PC operation. A green LED
    indicator in the power supply continually reports the power system status and health. It is also used
    for troubleshooting.
    There are features that are built-in for trouble free and safe PC operation. The input power is protected
    against transients, load dumps and double battery during jumpstarts. PC does not reboot during
    engine start or cranking.
    Input: 12V 24V
    Normal input voltage range: 7V to 18V DC 18V to 36V DC
    Low battery shutdown voltage: 11.7 Volts ±. 75V
    Low battery detection duration: 10 Sec.
    Input current drain:
    Power down/ Standby mode: 0.025 A
    Output: 160W Ripple Regulation
    +3.3V: 10A max, 15A pk, 50mV p-p max 2%
    +5 V: 10 A max, 15A pk 50mV p-p max 2%
    +12 V: 5 A max, 6.5 A pk 50mV p-p max 2%
    -12 V: 0.2 A max, .4 A pk, 150mV p-p max 10%
    5 V standby: 1 A max, 1.2 A pk 50mV p-p max 2%
    Power supply efficiency > 90% at optimum loads
    MTBF: 150,000 hrs
    Operating Temperature Range: -25 °C to 70 °C
    Ignition/ Power switch current drain: <10 mA
    Input Fuse: 20A ATO replaceable (Automotive blade fuse)
    Input Power Mating connector: Plug: AMP P/N: 350766-1
    Crimps: Amp P/N: 640310-3 and 350919-3
    Output Power Connectors: 20 pin ATX Mother power connector, cable length 240 mm long
    8 pin Drive power connector to 3 HDD and 1 FDD power connectors
    2 pin ATX power Switch connector, cable length 420mm
    External Dimensions: 100mm(W) x 125mm (D) x 63.5mm (H)
    3.94” (W) x 4.92” (D) x 2.5” (H)
    Mobile-PC Case Specification:
    External Dimensions: 13" W x 15.5"D x 5.6"H.
    Motherboard: Full ATX mother board compatible
    Expansion: 7 slots.
    Drives mounts: 1 x 3.5” Hard drive mount with shock and vibration isolation.
    1x 5.25” Bay front accessible ( CD-ROM, DVD ROM, CD-RW or removable HDD)
    Security Lock: 4 pin cam lock
    Bottom plate mounting: Four holes are located on the bottom corners of the chassis for # 8 screws.
    Other mounting options: Mobile-PC Shock mount kit. (Adds 2” to the height of the Mobile-PC)
    Floor mount bracket kit
    Slide rail mount kit
    Hard drive heater and controller option Call for detail
    Hard Drive heater trigger temperature Below 8deg C. +- 3deg. Computer will not be turned below trigger temp.
    Specifications subject to change without notice
    Ordering Information
    Part Number Description
    MPC-ATX-CPS-A Mobile-PC Case and Power supply only
    MPC-ATX-xx Custom configuration available, Call Sales for detail
    OPUS Solutions. Inc. Email: [email protected]
    6 Reef Tel: 949-388-7623
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 Fax: 949-388-7628

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    I just got word from PC Power and Cooling that you do power the DC power supply directly off of the car's battery.

    What am I missing?


    Originally posted by InvisiBill

    You can't just run wires from the battery to that DC PSU. It needs a regulated, relatively high current supply. The full DC-DC ATX supplies don't have enough current on the 12V, since they're powering the other voltages too. Look for all the "12V, 5A supply" posts...

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    Originally posted by gfoulks
    I just got word from PC Power and Cooling that you do power the DC power supply directly off of the car's battery.

    What am I missing?


    Yes an ATX supply like that one will power your ATX motherboard. Some people have bought ITX based complete systems which have an internal DC-DC supply which takes a 12v 5amp input, but if as you say you only have the MB and not a case this doesnt apply to you.
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    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
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    Yes, the ITX cases come with an external AC-DC transformer and an internal DC-DC converter which splits the voltages for the different parts of the motherboard. It's similar to a laptop's power setup.

    You can use an external DC-DC regulator (like the Targus Universal adapter thing or the Switchedmode ones) to supply regulated current to the DC-DC converter that's already in the case. That's what the 12V/5A supplies are for.

    Or you can pull out what's already in the case, and replace it with a full ATX power supply that uses DC input instead of AC. That's what the Opus, Sproggy, PC Power & Cooling, and Keypower units are. These wire up directly to the car, and plug directly into your ATX motherboard.

    Personally I think the regulator is a better idea if you already have an ITX case with the internal DC-DC. You've already got half of your power supply there, why rip it out and start from scratch? And this way, you can just unplug the miniplug from the case and carry the unit inside and use the AC-DC transformer it came with. If you already have the ITX case and do get rid of the existing stuff and go with a full DC PSU, I might be interested in buying the original PSU from you... Not sure from your posts if you actually got the case or not...

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