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Thread: M2-ATX Dead?

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    Still having the same problem... Tried using a switch connected straight to the m2-atx, but still same problem. I tried jumping the ps, but still no luck, it seems the 12V rails don't shut off... Therefore causing the screen and fan to constantly run.

    I really wouldn't have a problem with that, but i can't even get the motherboard to turn on!

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    Back when I made all the mistakes in the world while setting up my M2-ATX, I had the +12v and IGN wires reversed, so it was pulling +12v through a 20 awg wire, and not only did the computer not boot very well, but the wire got very warm! With help from 2k1Toaster and Darque, I figured out that the wires were backwards and after I switched them it worked just fine (+12v is like 12 awg from amp distribution block).

    Wire resistance makes a difference. Try running a larger wire (e.g., 8 awg) directly from your battery (make sure it's fused), and just use your cig lighter for the IGN wire. Also make sure your grounds are the same awg and short length.

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