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Thread: Variable Voltage 5A Regulator

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    Variable Voltage 5A Regulator

    I found this on while doing a google search. The link includes a diagram for a 5A regulator which I am assuming simply takes the input voltage and passes it through while regulating the current. My electronics background isn't strong enough to properly interpret the data sheet. Any thoughts?

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    A 5A current regulator will attempt adjust the output voltage so that the load takes 5A (obviously, given that it is a linear regulator, it can't make the output voltage larger than the input voltage).

    A 5A regulator (which I could find a circuit for in the datasheet, but it trivial to do - that's exactly what the chip does) is a voltage regulator that is capable of regulating up to 5A current draw.

    I like the way the 10A regulator circuit uses an opamp as a comparator with current sense resistors to balance the current load between the two regulator chips. Very neat...!

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