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Thread: dell optiplex sx280

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    I bought a second PSU for my SX260 and hacked the connections onto a DSX12V PSU (search for threads started by me for a writeup).
    I suspect that's the best way ahead for you too.

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    Cool Thank you!

    I have this little power house just sitting here. You reply is appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3l33tPhantom View Post

    I currently got my hands on a sx280 , they are pretty compact computers, and they have an external power supply which converts from 240V to 12V 18Amps with an average of 220 watts.

    I have upgraded it to a 200 gig HDD and 1 gig DDram it already has a P4 somethingMHz, which will be great to run the programs i am planning to use.

    I would like to put that in my car, however I am having big problems trying to find a power supply replacement .
    I thought of the M2-ATx however it only supplies 160 watts or so from memory.

    I prefer not to use an inverter , however it seems to be the only option.

    Any ideas please ? It's the last piece of my setup until i can install the system.
    Did you got it running??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ammo8600 View Post
    Did you got it running??
    long story short, no.
    I have been delaying this project because I didn't have the time to look into this as I started working 7 days/week.
    Then the tablets started to make a good impact on the carpc market and new releases are coming up.
    Then I had a laptop which i thought i'd convert to carpc.
    and now considering to get the SX back instead

    It is sitting in my room doing nothing so I am getting to the stage where I will jut buy the carnetix and hack it hoping for the best.

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    Im thinking using a M2-ATX 160w power-supply in my SX220, and use it in the car The M2-ATX and the 12v PSU inside the SX220 is the same size.. as i can remember..

    Anyone tried this?

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