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Thread: Computer problem with Carnetix 1900

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    Computer problem with Carnetix 1900

    I just finished my install today with the Carnetix 1900 and an Aopen Mini PC. Everything was working and I got the system to boot up and down twice. I was adjusting some system settings and the computer froze up. After turning it off it came up but wouldn't do anything in Windows. I tried to reboot it and it wouldn't do anything. Now the system won't even give me a bios screen. It has power and spins the fan, but that's it. The hard drive is ok still, but I don't have a way to test the other components. Could the pulse wire have caused a problem? I used the Aopen power kit and I don't know what could have caused the issue. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help. I guess I have to buy a new system and I wanted to get it in before my trip.

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    What did you connect the pulse wire to?

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