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Thread: Weird P1900 Issue

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    Weird P1900 Issue

    For the longest time I have been having a strange problem with my P1900 and Mac mini.

    When it wakes from sleep upon starting the car, it turns everything on and then it goes back off after a minute. The support at Carnetix says this is due to USB devices being powered off the mini.

    Fast forward to this week. I had my mini in for repairs and had thus taken out the modified power connector from the board. When I put the mini back in my car, before I put the power splitter back in I decided to just manually turn it on and off for a few days.

    Well when I turn on my car, the mini comes on, even without the p1900 simulating a button press. How do you explain that?!

    At any rate, I am going to power a USB hub now and am getting ready to wire it up. I have looked all over for the best way to do this but haven't found anything. Do I just splice into the +5V line on a USB cable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gthing View Post
    Well when I turn on my car, the mini comes on, even without the p1900 simulating a button press. How do you explain that?!
    Quite simple on a regular award or phoenix bios. Havent got a clue what the mac team uses, but usually there is an option for what to do on power loss. Options would be "stay off", "turn on", or "last state". So if it is set to turn on when power is regained after a failure, then on it will go.

    I dont have a carnetix, so cant help you with that, just wanted to tell you your mac isnt possessed by demons or anything.
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