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Thread: Problem with Carnetix P2140

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    Problem with Carnetix P2140

    Hi all,

    I posted this problem a few days ago over at the Carnetix forum. I read on there that they are moving offices and are slow to respond, but I've been three days so far without my pc (and therefore, any form of entertainment) so I'm kinda dyin' over here! Hopefully someone here can help:

    A few days ago, I came out to my car with a completely dead battery. I'm not completely sure why, but at this point, I don't care... it definitely had to do with my pc draining it though, because there is no problem with the battery or alternator. The problem is that my P2140 will not power on now. When I plug the J1 plug (power input) into the 2140, the LED in the 2140 blinks twice, and then just shuts off. It does that anytime I insert the J1 plug. I've tested the voltage of the J1 plug and it's giving a healthy 12v. I've also verified that the fuse inside the 2140 is not blown. Do I need to reset my 2140 some kind of way since the battery was totally depleted, or do I have a defective unit?

    (I'm running the latest firmware (1.8.3) in the 2140), and I had it working fine for several weeks before this occurred).

    Thanks for any help!

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    Ok nevermind. I finally got it to turn on. To do so, I had to turn on my laptop (obviously with battery power) hook up the USB cable, start PSUMoni, and then start the car. Finally it powers up. Seems strange though that I had to do that to get it to turn on.

    Perhaps this needs to be addressed in the next firmware update. In any case, I'll post this to the Carnetix forum as well.

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