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Thread: Using two m2-atx's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivinLarge View Post
    so i should send back the M2-ATX and buy the DSATX? will that power what i am running with room to upgrade? By the way i am using a 17" inch wide screen desktop screen. don't ask why and i know its crazy, but thats what i am doing. is there a way to hook up my screen to a M2-ATX?
    the DS-ATX Opus250 or Opus320.

    And there is no way in hell you are going to be able to power that monitor off of any DC-DC PSU I know of.

    Those monitors are beasts, and usually require screwy power. A lot of the ones I have installed are 19v inputs, some are 12v inputs, and some are 15v inputs. But to get enough current at 12v, regular PSU's wont work.
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    Is mp3car good with returns? another question. would i want to run a M2-ATX plus a DS-ATX. My cpu is rated at 86 + 25 for mother board + DVD Drive 25 + Hdd 2.5"= 5 + DDR2 512 memory= 7.5 =146 all on the 12v rail? or do some of these spread their Watts over 12,5,3.3 rails? and USB key/mouse. If i keep the M2-Atx i could run everything but the CPU and motherboard off of it.

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