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Thread: AC-DC power supply & shutdown controler?

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    On this setup it mentions that it has DC-DC on board what does this mean? and would this along with a slim DVD drive and a 2.5" HD work with a M2-ATX?

    Elite C7VCM

    Elite C7VCM Mini-ITX Motherboard with VIA C7 1.5GHz Processor
    - CPU: VIA C7 1.5Ghz
    - Chipset: CN700
    - DC-DC power on board, 12V in
    - Board can power up to 2 x 2.5 or 3.5" drives
    - Memory: SO-SIMM DDR 400MHz, max. 1GB
    - Graphics: Unichrome Pro integrated
    - Storage: 1* P-ATA
    - Expansion: 1* PCI
    - I/O ports: VGA, audio, 2* PS/2, 4* USB2.0, 1* 10/100MBit LAN, 1* COM, 1* parallel-port
    - RoHS compliant
    Price: $129.50

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    different take on power source

    I've been playing with a hp e-pc as a car pc for about two years and to date I have yet to find a perfect power solution. what I think will work for me is if I could get a APC 280 UPS unit to power up in my car. It simply doesn't power up. I believe its either an issue of amps or proper ground coming off the inverter in my car. Has anyone else attacked the power problem this way? I think using the power chute software to control shutdown when it senses a lack of power this issue could be licked. Any and all input would be appriciated. I've alway tried to keep thing on a budget for this project. I found the e-pc for $35 dollars on an auction site. My lilliput screen was $79 bucks I bought a gps puck for 12 bucks and found a tiny usb thumb keyboard meant for ps2 for $10. The APC was a free find from work. I've had every thing working perfectly several times but constantly mess up harddrives because of hard shutdowns. someone needs for find an economical way to do this without shelling out for these dc to dc units that still have catches and bugs.

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