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Thread: Is this too much for an Opus 150w?

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    Is this too much for an Opus 150w?

    I know, these threads suck, but I need an experienced opinion. I bought an Opus 150w, assuming that it would be more than enough for my system, but I may have underestimated my power draw as the scope of my build expanded. The online calculators put me around 160w. To sell this Opus and buy a 200w+ PSU would end up costing a serious chunk of cash.

    Ordinarily, I'd err on the side of caution, but I do have a power hungry P4 system (3Ghz CPU, 128mb video card, DVD Burner, etc.) on a 185w PSU that's seen daily use for 3 years now. What do you guys think?

    -Abit IL-90MV motherboard (will use onboard video & sound)
    -Intel C2D T7200 CPU w/ Stock CPU Fan
    -2 Sticks DDR2 667mhz Memory
    -1 SATA HD
    -Generic Optical Drive <--- Will probably need to drop this from the build, saves ~25 watts
    -(1) 92mm Case Fan
    -PCI or PCI Express USB Card
    USB Devices:
    -BU-353 GPS Receiver
    -USB Bluetooth Adapter
    -XM Radio via MP3Car USB Adapter
    -RF Receiver for Wireless KB
    -Silabs FM/HQCT (undecided)
    -OBDII Scan Tool
    -Griffin Powermate

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    Could you run all your usb devices off a hub, then power it (hub) with a dedicated 5vpsu.?

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