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Thread: what would change the GND of my m2-atx to +12v???

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    It definately sounds like you fried a chip then. When a regulator blows, it may sometimes just spew out what it is being fed. Not regulating. So basically a short circuit inside one of your chips. Any of them look burnt, or when you run it get really really hot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    its definitely connected to the ground of the battery.. i took my auxilary battery out of the car and did a simple test hooking up only the three wires needed to power the psu... constant and remote were connected to +, then i tried to connect ground to - but same prob i had in the car... BZZZZZZZ as if its wired incorrectly. I guess the psu is just fried... damn shame!
    Sounds like the PSU has a problem but something about this scenario is still troubling. If in the direct connect scenario above, the M2 ground point is measuring at the supply voltage, then you'd be dropping 12 volts over the ground wire. Assuming it's on the order of 1/10th of an ohm you'd be dumping 120A plus through that circuit. Unless you're using very large gauge wire, the wire itself should get fairly hot and release some smoke. Moreover the short-circuit path on the M2 itself should immediately begin smoking. Also, the act of connecting this circuit would cause a fairly sizeable spark (and likely shock).

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    Maybe I'm just stuck in a rut, but I'm still confused at the ground part. You're saying there's a 12V drop from the ground of the M2 to the ground of the battery, and there's wires connecting it the whole way? Meaning there's a 12V drop over just wires? That kinda raises alarms in my head.

    wires mean low resistance. 12volts over low resistance is high amperage, high power. If there's no current running from a 12v drop, then there's high resistance, like a break in the wires? Am I just off base here?

    edit: typed too long, beat by rando.

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