I have one of these machines and I've searched around the fourms pretty deep, found most everyone that's using this machine going Converter... EH!
I dont want that, I have this M1-ATX that I want to wire to it, Here's the situation.
The connector on the D500 is 12pin, So! I need to go from 12 pin (Evo proprietary) to Standard ATX 20pin, I havent found any info regarding this wire schema, Several peeps asked about it but it never carried further.
Here's some info I found on a German forum about the pin's but it's in German
you can kinda get a feel for what the pins are on the Evo.
Has anyone succesfully wired a Evo D500 slim dekstop to a M1-ATX, if so can you assist or post how you did it, Or maybe something I missed here when searching... Thanks..!

Here's what's printed on the Power Supply sticker:

100 - 240v~
1.7A 50-60Hz

+5v +3.3v +12v +5v AUX -12v
6A 1.5A 0.3A 3A 0.015A

Here's what was in the post from the german forum:

Red 5Volts
Yellow 12Volts
Orange 3,3Volts
Purple 5Volts Stby
Blue -12Volts

brown: +3,3V
white: PS_ON
black: ground
orange: +12V
purple: -12V
red: +5V
red-white: FAN_CMD
green: 5VAux ??? maybe Standby (+5VSB)
a thin red wire: 5VRS ???

I'm still lost and not sure what or how I can wire the M1 to this PSU, anyone?