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Thread: Powered USB Hubs?

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    Powered USB Hubs?

    I have a few questions regarding USB hubs (I searched, but I'm still a little fuzzy). I have an Opus 15 watt POL and Belkin USB Hub (purchased after my research here) that I'd like to wire up behind the dash.

    1) Will I have problems because of the power cycles, as USB devices are notorious for? Considering my experience with USB devices, I don't understand how you can power USB devices seperately and [i]not[i] have problems.

    2) Can I connect this powered hub setup so as to maintain sync with my primary Opus 150w power supply (i.e. My PS stays on for 15 minutes after I cut ignition and I'd like my usb hub to do the same)? How?

    3) Does the Opus need a direct connection to the battery? That is to ask, do I need to splice into the power wire going to my amp/system, or can I use the wires from my 12v cigarette lighter?

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    1.) Yes it can power a USB hub. The hub probably takes 5v, so set the pol to 5v. Check the back of the AC adapter for something like 110/220vac-->5v dc or something like that. Then you know what it needs. And I have no idea what you are talking about when you say notorious problems for powering them seperately. THat makes no sense. Never even heard of it. The more crap you shove on 1 bus powered port, the more unstable it becomes. You are now providing each port in that hub 500mA of power regardless of what is connected before it in the usb daisy chain.

    2) Yes just use the 12v line of your pc as the remote trip line for the pol. If it has a remote line. I am not really sure how that one is wired but usually it takes power, ground, and some ignition cable. Set the ignition to the 12v from your pc. That way it is triggered when the pc is triggered.

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    what toaster means, is that if you use the cigarette lighter, then you'll blow the rear of your car off while you race down the road

    but seriously that picture is classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by FC3S View Post
    what toaster means, is that if you use the cigarette lighter, then you'll blow the rear of your car off while you race down the road

    but seriously that picture is classic
    Yeah it is....

    The wires going to your cigarette lighter aren't sufficient to carry the current that an Opus would require. That resistance causes heat. Too much heat will melt insulation on the wire. When the insulation melts, you have exposed wire. When you have exposed wires, there's a high risk of a short. A short can result in damaged electrical components, a fire, destruction of your vehicle, injury or death.

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    Fire in a car = BAD


    and VERY SCARRY!

    I don't recomend it for anyone....
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