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Thread: Finalize my decision before I make the purchase

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    Finalize my decision before I make the purchase

    I recently purchased an Acer AP1000 to use a carputer and have been quite impressed with the little thing. The AP1000 is basically a desktop computer that utilizes laptop parts. Such being the case, it uses a transformer to power itself. Here's a picture of the power brick..

    As you can see it outputs 19v 4.74A which equals 90W. I found this very confusing because the CPU (AMD 3800+) requires 90W itself.

    I have done my research and know that I do need to get a DC-DC regulator. If the power brick really only outputs 90W then I should be able to use the CarNetix 1900. Can someone help me clear up the confusion and maybe make some suggestions..

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    I think there is a mobile version of CPU inside your pc. So you can use carnetix or notebook car adapter.
    400Watt CarPC power supply for powerfull systems- thaks for Beta testers- it was perfect.

    Remember - AMD Athlon XP (socket A) powers from 5v rail in most times !

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    The key thing to look at is the Amperage.
    The Carnetx P1900 can put out 19v @ 6.32A. Since your PC requires 4.74A, the P1900 will work just fine for your application.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    the cpu in my computer is not a mobile chip, it's the regular socket 940 single core 3800+. I still find it strange the whole thing is only powered by a 90w brick but if that's all it takes then i'll go ahead and order the carnetix, thanks guys!

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    Let me know how this turns out.. I bought the same ap1000 w/ amd 3800+ yesterday.. and am looking into good ways to power it sufficiently.

    The thing is so little it fits 100% perfect in my glove compartment and already looks like a custom install, with slot load dvd accessable from my drivers seat.
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