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Thread: Couple DSATX issues

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    Couple DSATX issues

    Ok, maybe I'm just dumb, but my dsatx did used to have the correct delay on it when i first got it. It comes from production with a 5 sec delay or something close correct?

    Well lately there is NO delay at all. As soon as I turn the key the fans go on. I have remote start in my car and I have had to not use it because the cranking of the car makes the mobo go into some weird power-on-but-not-post state. Also, whenever I remote start, after an undetermined amount of time (but it happens everytime I remote start) the mobo gets a signal from the psu to shut down. So I'll be driving and the computer will just shutdown on its own.

    Any help on whats going on is appreciated because I just had to rma my mobo because I think my car cranking fried it and I would like for it not to happen again.
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    Anyone got any ideas at all? I did want to mention that i have tried to adjust the dials on the psu as well.
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    I have had a lot of problem with that power supply, first it didn't cut power if the computer didn't shutdown. Then after getting a new one it would turn the computer on through a pulse then instantly turn it off. I'm waiting for my third one. The power supply might just be bad.

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