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Thread: Inverter safety question.

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    Inverter safety question.

    Hi, I have installed my CarPC and have everything done, the only thing left is I have my inverter in the trunk of my car and would like to rewire my power switch to my dash. So I opened up the inverter and saw that both wires of the swithc were red, and my friend told me to just extend the wire and have the same switch in my dash.

    I just wanted to know if this was safe and would you guys do anything else??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like an acceptable way to control the inverter.
    BUT this should only be done if the switch carries a control signal.

    You can determine this by the gauge of the wires, if they are a lot thinner than the connections to the cars electrical system you should be okey dokey.

    Don't do it if the wires carry the total input or output of the inverter. In this case the red wires will be as thick as the battery or cigarette connection wires.

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    I have an inverter built into my console right now powering my external hard drive and laptop.

    If your inverter has a main switch on the housing that is to control the power on-off then I would recommend having that switch permanently on. While the power that you are running to it have a switch on it. Simple and practical. Just put a switch between the main power source (battery or ignition) and the inverter. This saves you having to take the inverter apart.

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