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Thread: M2-ATX timing options.

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    M2-ATX timing options.

    Is it possible to reprogram the m2-atx with different timing options?
    I have done various pic programming before.

    I want to be able to change the amp turn on delay. The amp turns on before the pc has fully booted and when the sound card is initialised, it pops.
    I am upgrading the soundcard, but another solution is to delay amp turn on until my frontend and sound are fully started.

    Also I just want full control over it for whatever I may need to do.

    Has anyone done this? Can the source code be had?

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    Check this thread. I believe the M1 and M2 share the same source code. You could double check with user Andrewb to be sure. Another option is to download your firmware from your M2 and compare against the published source.

    M1-ATX microcontroller source

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