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Thread: M1 issues, please help (somewhat technical)

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    sounds like the m1's buck or boost regulator is not operating like it should make sure no resistors or caps are damaged. What is the input on the m1 12V?
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    I can set the input to whatever I want, it was at 13.5 when I measured the rail voltage

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    So im looking to buy a new M1 on ebay and I saw the following note:

    Please do not try this PSU with Pentium 4s. It works with all VIA mini-ITX boards, some low power Pentiums and AMDs. Please check your motherboards specifications and make sure that the CPU is not getting V(core) from the 12V rail (should be on the 5V rail). Avoid motherboards that have 4 pin 12V ATX connectors, which is an indication that the motherboard is using 12V for V(core).

    Just wondering if that could be the issue?

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    No, not really. That warning is just for boards with huge power draws. Yours is so minimal, it's most likely fine on that aspect. Sorry, I have no other advice for you.

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