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Thread: Dsatx thermal protection works

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    Dsatx thermal protection works

    ok i have to give credit to the DSATX once again..
    it has been veeery hot today in Athens...45C in fact this was the hotest day i ever experienced in my life..
    so went to the car, pc turned on, suddenly 5 seconds later..pouf..power is cut off..

    i opened the trunk..the trunk was so hot as the car was sitting in the sun..(it must have been 70 degrees celcius in there..i could not even touch the metallic pc case for more than 3 seconds..

    evrything was back to normal when fresh air got inside the trunk..
    so THE DSATX THERMAL PROTECTION ACTUALLY WORKS..imagine having a M2atx in there..i would have had fire in the trunk

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    I live in Texas, and it's pretty hot here as well. DSATX thermal protection works for me too...

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