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Thread: Powering the Lilliput wiring,......

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    Powering the Lilliput wiring,......

    Does anyone know what goes where from the molex to the Lilliput?
    Everythings in,....Powered up the PC but have no screen in there yet to see if it displays!

    So scared of my car bursting into flames at the moment!

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    Yellow = +12v
    Black = Ground
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I havent cut the plug off yet. Im assuming it will be a yellow cable insode the Lilliput and bullit crimp that onto the 12v yellow on the Molex?

    You sure I dont have to ground or has the M2 ground taken care of all that?

    Also, do I keep the Transforer on the Lilliput or can I cut all that crap off?

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