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Thread: Power Supply dead?

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    Power Supply dead?

    So here's what's happening...

    When I plug the computer into the power inverter, the inverter's 'overload' light jumps on. This is without the computer being turned on.

    I plugged my laptop with power cord into the inverter and it booted up just fine.

    Does this sound like a power supply problem?

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    I think it's not a problem if your psu works fine from home's wall plug. When you plugged atx psu to inverter or wall plug , there is hi-current happens for charging input capacitors of standard atx psu. So inverter saying "overload" and takes protected state - thats what i'm thinking about it .
    400Watt CarPC power supply for powerfull systems- thaks for Beta testers- it was perfect.

    Remember - AMD Athlon XP (socket A) powers from 5v rail in most times !

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