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Thread: noise / interference issues

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    noise / interference issues

    Hi all,

    I know this has been covered a lot and i've been looking through the previous posts on this subject but i'm still having issues and just want to exhaust my options before turning to a ground loop isolator. This mainly because i'll eventually end up running a digital recording setup.

    my setup:
    head unit
    600w inverter

    So the sound is perfect until i plug my powerbook/laptop in to the stereo aux when its being powered powered by the inverter - I get a massive buzz/noise through the system With the inverter off its fine.

    I have tried grounded everything to the same point with no change. Have tried different aux cables - no change.

    So the only things i can think of at this point are:
    * the fact that the inverter approximates a sine wave (instead of the pure sine wave)
    * maybe i need to customly ground the powerbook (?? - e.g run a cable from the metal chassis inside the laptop [but i've never had any interefence issues before])
    * kill or replace the fan in the inverter (seems to be the source of interference really) (this is my preferred option at this stage)
    * just go out and grab a ground loop isolator

    Any ideas?!!? words of wisdom much appreciated!


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    Have you seen this FAQ perchance?

    however, I will suggest you replace your inverter with a product that was designed specifically for the CarPC market - a DC-DC PSU.

    10:1 it will immediately remove the noise issue you're running into.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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