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Thread: Testing Opus 150 via ATX - Computer is Continually Rebooting

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    400Watt CarPC power supply for powerfull systems- thaks for Beta testers- it was perfect.

    Remember - AMD Athlon XP (socket A) powers from 5v rail in most times !

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    Are you having reboot issues in your car or have you even run it there yet??
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    Hi WiCKeD 5.9L,

    The reboot issues are purely with the PC inside on my workbench. The whole PC is still in the construction/setup phase, so it hasn't graduated to the car yet. After I get all my components mounted in my custom box, I'll trial things in the car - hopefully in the next month, time permitting. FYI - My Worklog.



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    Forgive me if this is an ignorant statement. It is 4 am and I need sleep.
    To me the most obvious solution would be to use a 12v car battery instead of an atx psu. You could simulate ignition with a simple switch.

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