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Thread: Ford Fiesta (Mk6) + M2-ATX?

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    Ford Fiesta (Mk6) + M2-ATX?

    Can someone link me to a thread/tutorial explaining how to wire this up? Is it as simple as the Opus ones? (wire to battery, 2 fuses, done?).

    Also, is there a guide on powering both your monitor AND pc off of the m2-atx? Is it powerful enough to do so?

    Sorry for these questions, new to this, could do with all the guidance possible.

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    The M2 has three wires:

    1) Permenant 12v connection
    2) Ground
    3) Switched 12v

    So yes, exactly the same as the Opus (I have both). Although on the M2 it has more jumper settings, so you will need to read the manual to get the setup you require.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with this power supply. I have already sent mine back as it died after 3 days of use. And if you read here there are ALOT of compatability issues with certain boards. I would get an Opus instead - it hasn't let me down in 3 years!

    In response to your second question, the power supply is technically powerful enough to run a monitor. However, in my experience no

    I think the M2 ATX can handle up to 8a on the 12v rail, however I've never been able to boot my computer and run my monitor DWW6500 at the same time (both together only consume 4a on my bench PSU).

    BTW, what is your monitor? I've had a lilliput in the past running off the ISO loom in the car without any problems - just do that.



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    It's a lilliput, how would I go about wiring into the ISO?

    And I may take your advice on the Opus, moneys tight at the moment however so I would rather it break, then send it back and get a new one at a later date.

    Thanks for the help so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dLockers View Post
    It's a lilliput, how would I go about wiring into the ISO?
    Get +12v from an ign-controlled wire. Get ground from a ground wire.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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