Hi guys.

Im new to this forum and its giving me many ideas which i can see is going to cost me allot of money.

I think this is the right area to post this...

Currently i have a peugeot 206 and i have an aftermarket sound system that i have installed which includes a very powerful deck and 2 amps running ALLOT of speakers and 2 12" subs in the boot.

The question i have is i have a ibook that i dont use anymore im thinking of mounting running to perhaps a 4" screen in place of the ash tray or a 7" screen on the dash where i have seen some folks on thsi forum put one.

I realise i need an inverter to run/recharge the computer laptop as well as power the LCD screen. I would like to know basically ... do people feel i can run 2 amps, the computer and the lcd screen off standard battery.

Peak power of both amps combined from memory is around 1500-2000watts. The charger for the ibook is 65 watts and i dont know about an lcd screen. I doubt it drains to much?

To be honest im not sure what sort of responce i will get as i dont know the people on this forum but any advice would be good. I dont wish to install a second battery or a new after market alternator.