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Thread: BMW Ignition wire

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    Jbors, with NAV my tuner sits in the trunk on the left hand side. The BMW audio amplifier is also there. I had both of those sources for a 12 V ignition on wire. Instead though I went to a connector in the trunk located close to left of one of the rear deck speakers. I did find the right color combination with the help of a another pair of eyes. I currently have it disconnected and decided to try to connect that source to a 12v relay to pass the 12v to the ITPS board. I should probably upgrade the power supply with an M2 and eliminate the ITPS board.
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    Question BMW ignition wire - and car2PC acc wire


    Apologies for resurrecting an old post, but I got here researching my problem with my car2pc adapter. I want my car2pc adapter to run in the boot, linked to my carputer. Not a lot to ask, I'm sure. But thing is, I cannot get the car2pc adapter to wake up with just the power to the unit fed from the car's ibus connection to the adapter. Inquiries with Car2PC have suggested that one should connect the ACC wire to the power wire on the ATX plug that connects to the adapter. If this is the case, why is there no cable in this position and why are there not more people complaining about this in the forums? I can't be the only one so afflicted surely???

    Can anyone help?


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    You have to use the ACC wire direct from the ignition. There is no wire already in the boot and as such you have to wire it yourself directly from the front of the car to the boot...

    Any further questions then give me a shout.
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    re: ignition wire set

    hi buddy! was trying to install a monitor in my car but ran into a problem. the ignition wire that runs into the stock radios harness is no longer getting interior neon, and the old monitors power supply no longer get any current. the constant 12v is fine, just the ignition/acc wire. where do these wires run to so that i could check the source and see if its disconnected or anything? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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