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Thread: Time delay... wtf?

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    Time delay... wtf?

    Hey y'all-

    I've been digging around for hours and cant quite figure this one out...

    I need to figure out a way to trigger a relay 5 minutes after I turn my truck on. I've seen products that offer 2 minuites, but i need at LEAST 5. Maybe 10. I'm SURE its not as difficult as I'm making it, but i just cant figure it out.

    For instance... i want my headlights to turn on after 5/10 minutes of my truck running... how would I do this?

    thanks for any leads

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    i need this, but to last 5/10 minuites

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    You want a delay-make relay with an adjustable time setting.
    A manufacturer of these is Crouzet.

    check out the RTM

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    I say a 555 timer circuit.

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