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Thread: P-2140 with 20pin computer?

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    Arrow P-2140 with 20pin computer?

    im really stupid and mad [at myself]

    after 3weeks of reserach for a carputer, i choose a p2140 thinking it would have a 20pin plug for my ITX mobo...well, i got it today, and it does...

    so what now? i tried searching but the most helpful was Carnetix p2140 Installation Question of ThunderStick's.

    what should i do? return it and get opus? or should i sell it?

    or try and solder it to the 20pin? (i have a somewhat good knowledge of electronics n such. i have got the 12v adn the 5v, just dont know how'd i get the 3.3v if i do decide to do it this way)

    so what you guys think? return it???

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    Get an ATX power supply and sell the P2140 to recoup as much of oyur loss as possible.
    Perhaps you could return it for exchange. Contacting the vendor might yield some results.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    ^i bought it from mp3car, here, on this forum.

    i just emailed them about it. i tried looking for their "return article but it was down so i emailed the sales?

    am i on the right track?

    keep in mind i JUST got the product TODAY from the UPS guy or wtever

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