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Thread: Desktop plugpack for Carpc

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    Desktop plugpack for Carpc


    I have a Via M10K MB with m2-atx psu 512 ram, 40gb laptop hdd.

    I want to make a socket on the side of the case so i can just plug a power pack and power it up from mains. This is to be used as testing but also so the carpc can be used as a normal pc (yes i'm aware of the limited cpu power)

    How large a powerpack will i need? since its 160w's it appears i need a 12v 13Amp power supply but that seems rather large. I know i can power my setup from a 12v 7amp battary (including screen) but whats the min i can get away with do the system alone?

    is ther a site i can just enter the via MB, the ram, hdd and it tells how much watts i would use max and from that i can work out min speced powerpack i need?



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    Best to measure the load with a meter. Most are rated at 10Amps so have a spare fuse, though I doubt the setup is pulling more than that. For example, My home pc has a 300 watt supply , p4 , tv tuner card , dvd drive and I cannot get it to draw more than 100 watts.

    If you do add a psu ( I am considering the same ) you could get away with a battery charger from an auto parts store. I've tried this on the garage floor and it worked well though kind of ugly. This kind of charger could be permanently installed somewhere with adequate ventilation. BTW I could not get it to work with out a battery in the circuit.

    One supply I really like here..
    would do nicely if I go back to a dual battery.

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    Might help some in this instance.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    cheers billme, At the moment i'm designing my capc to be fully useable externally as weill as inthe car. This is simply cause if i'm making a carpc i dont want it to be limited to any single application. If your home pc is only drawing 100w then i'm sure mine wont come anywhere near that even with screen and all running.

    your link is still a too big for what i was after though.

    RedgtiVR6, at the moment i'm running/testing it via a ATX PSU, but its far from an elagant solution.

    found this which is exactly what i'm after

    small, light and very neat all thats needed is to add a compatiable socket in the carpc case.



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    Yeah, I though about buying one of those $100+ 12v power supplies to power my carputer for testing, but there's a cheaper solution. I went to the Goodwill and bought an old PC with a 200 watt AT power supply. It was missing most of the parts, so I talked them down to $5. Then you just have to look up the pinouts for the AT power supply and make yourself a $5 power supply that's more powerful than the $100 ready made one.

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    yeah i'm trying to find a product like the link i gace in australia.

    an AT/ATX PSU will work, but its a bulky thing to carry, idea was to have this additional PSU stored inthe car as well.

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