Hello guys,

I got my hardware a while ago, and started testing it this week.
The Opus PSU is connected to +12V on both yellow wires, and GND on the other two black ones. I then get a flashing green light (standby) - so far so good.
When I connect the red wire (remote) it "powers up" - and the LED stays on (steady green..).
But the motherboard does not power up! I tried using my own powerbutton instead of the green/white-wire from the opus, without any luck... Looks like there`s no power going to the motherboard at all!
After I disconnect the remote-wire, the opus returns to standbymode after a while - no troubleshoot-led-flashing :/

My essentials consists of the following;
- OPUS Mini-ITX Vehicle PC Case w/ built in 120w power supply
- VIA EPIA-MII12000G, C3/Nehemiah 1200Mhz motherboard

Anyone got a clue?

Edit: The supply voltage was around 12,80V when I tested (actually it peaked to 15V with the PC connected).