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Thread: DSATX wire connection issue *UPDATED PLEASE HELP*

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    DSATX wire connection issue *UPDATED PLEASE HELP*


    usually my PC works fine until i hit a big hole and it shuts off. so i decided to redo the terminal connections on the DSATX, after redoing them completely my DSATX turns off throws the 5 LED blinks at the slightest touch of the PC..without the car even moving.

    for instance i turn the ignition on and everything boots up, i go to open the CD-ROM and half way out the whole PC dies and I get 5 LED's. If i dont do anything and simply disconnect the wire from the battery and reconnect it again to the battery, i can start the PC again.

    does this sound like a bad connection and where??

    also what kind of ring terminals can i use with the DSATX,im using an 8awg wire to connect to the DSATX and none of the terminals fit...this is really frustrating.

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    It sounds like you're overloading the PSU, to be honest.
    If you're opening the CDROM, hat implies you use a full-sized optical drive, which draws 5v & 12v, which could be a factor here.
    Considering we don't know your specs and what hardware you're running, we have no way of troubleshooting that.

    As far as ring terminals, I use the yellow-jacketed ring terminals and ground down the sides with my dremel.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    it is not overloading, i had the PC working before for 2 hours..i installed windows, and other drivers...problem was the connection at the batter was loose..i hit a pothole and the PC turned off.

    I fixed the battery connection, but then the PC was still turning off. I changed the terminal connections at the DSATX and now the PC turns off whenever there is slight movement...

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    here is what i did today. somebody please please help me out with this.

    i went back to my car and decided to triple check all of the connections. I did not find anything suspect and just ended up disconnecting and reconnecting the connections as they were. i reset VIN by disconnection the battery terminal.

    Once i reconnected everything, i started my car and the PC went on smooth. It was on for 2 hours or so while i was installing drivers, surfing the web for updates and etc.

    I decided to drive the car as I would usually drive it, and as soon as i hit a small crack in the floor the computer went off, blinking with 5 LED's. at this point frustration set in, nobody here is helping me out and I am simply stuck as to what could be the problem.

    I took a break and came back armed with a voltmeter. With the 5 LED's still blinking I probed the terminals and got a constant of 11.5V - 12V with no fluctuation. I stuck the needle probes inside the wires and got a constant of 11.5 - 12V reading. Then I 0disconnected the battery terminal and left the probes stuck in, sure enough I got 0V. I connected the battery terminal back with the probes inside the wires right next to the DSATX terminals and sure enough I got my 11.5V - 12V.

    I turned the ignition on and the PC went on and died suddenly with 5LED's blinking, Voltmeter still showing 11.5V - 12V. Just to make sure I took the probes out of the wires and touched the terminals and I got my same voltage reading.

    It is not the PC overloading, I've ran this PC for hours before (car not moving) and it was just fine. Its not the 24pin or 4pin or polarity switch on the board coming lose, because then the LED on DSATX would keep red and not blink.

    Touching the screws in the terminals with my probes i got the correct the Voltage is there.

    what could be wrong?

    thanks in advance to everyone who decides to help

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    Just a thought:

    Check the capacitors on the DS-ATX. Maybe one of the connections is loose or broken.

    Good luck.
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    definitely sounds like a short on the power supply make sure you have it isolated and that it cant short out.. same goes for your motherboard to
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    some new developments.

    i disconnected my mobo from the PSU and then turned my car on. The LED went on and stayed red, meaning the PSU was working fine. I started shaking the PC to shake the PSU to see if the connections were bad, i pulled on wires and everything and the PSU stayed on fine.

    I then connected the mobo back to the PSU and turned my car on. I barely touched one of the wires (gorund wire) and the PSU shut off and started blinking 5 times.....

    i dunno what the problem is now at all, im completely at a loss. And this PSU is driving me crazy.

    help please???

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    Same thing happened to me and I had a short small piece of wire that touched the traces on the power source and made a short which I could not see. clean up your whole computer and make sure no short is there and it should work

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    yes i took the PC inside, i will try to remount my DSATX and clean everything up, then try it again.

    does anyone know of a good enclosure to put DSATX in?

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