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Thread: Some power issues, ignition and shutdown etc..

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    Some power issues, ignition and shutdown etc..

    So i have this question,
    I have bought myself a morex 80w psu with 12v and a simple earth on it. So my question is when i turn the ignition on, the psu gets 12v from battery and so does the cpu mother board. But the mother board has a power switch also and i need to push that to get the cpu to launch. So how would i be able to get it to auto start when i turn the ignition on? And how is it possible for the computer to shutdown itself (safe mode) when i turn the ignition off? (will say, i dont want the cpu to just die when i turn ignition off)
    help me out with my issues please...
    and yes i have read some faqs but im still a little stuck with my head :S

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    You probalby just need a startup/shutdown controller to initiate startup/shutdown, assuming the Morex PSU doesn't have that circuit integrated.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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