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Thread: M2-ATX is there final solution?

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    i have been running a 160 watt m2 ATX for my car pc that includes a xp2600 cpu with 1 gig of fast ram, 2 fans plus cpu fan, touchscreen usb, wifi usb, sometimes a large thumbdrive, and a 7500 rpm 160 gig hardrive...

    and i have had no problems at all in over 3 weeks of constant use.

    now I took my time installing very professional wiring connections, proper gauging of wires, stepping it down and fusing it, etc.

    I think your computer is simply not being switched on by the power supply, are you sure the wires that go from m2 atx to your motherboard are in the correct pins on the motherboard?

    also, you Need to use a voltemeter like the other guy said and make sure you have enough power going to the m2 ATX.

    25.00 voltemeter from hardware store is worth every penny, it has solved many of my installation problems.

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    Did you see this thread?

    I just remembered that this sounds like a problem that I had when I first started. See if this thread helps:

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