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Thread: P1900 Malfunctional

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    P1900 Malfunctional

    Carnetix P1900 was recieved DOA, however I have not recieved a response to an email I sent them at least 1 week ago. Does anyone have another way of contacting carnetix or should I just send the unit back to the store I bought it from (

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    If it's DOA, I'd think your best option would be to return it to the store.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    The unit powers on by indicating the flash revision, however it does not respond to +12V on the ignition lead. I checked the fuse and jumper configuration, so I assume that this means it is malfunctional.

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    What do you mean not respond?

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    Quote Originally Posted by faichiu View Post
    What do you mean not respond?
    When the ignition lead (yellow wire) is connected to +12 volts, the power supply does not supply power, nor does the cooling fan power on or the LED indicate that the startup sequence has been initiated.

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    36 got it back to me in a timely fashion. The new one works! Thanks guys.

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