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Thread: Lowering gauge of cable?

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    Lowering gauge of cable?

    Well this is probably a very simple question but I am having a very hard time finding a good answer.

    I have a 4 awg cable going to a distro block in my trunk and then a 8 awg cable leading to an M2-ATX. Only problem is the cables on the M2 are 18awg... The distance is only across the trunk.

    I am thinking just strip both wires and solder them together (just like any other thing). My only fear is there being a problem with having the smaller cable connected.

    Any points in the right direction / advice would help ^_^


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    Generally speaking you should fuse when you switch guage sizes.

    But in my opinion if you solder it, then you should fuse at the battery, at the distro block and then the onboard fuse of the m2.
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    perfect thats what happening ^_^

    Thanks man

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